History of 'TaxiTalk' Magazine, Liverpool, Saint Helens, Flint, Greasby, Bootle

History of Taxi Talk Magazine

In 1978 a magazine was launched for the Taxi drivers of Liverpool to voice their views of the local trade to the public. Discussing matters on news related to the trade and other issues that surround the taxi industry.

The start up of the magazine was small, the publication was a size of A5 and looked for of a pamphlet at the time although over the years the magazine soon became filled with more content and grew in size.

The content of the publication would be comprised of letters to the editor, news articles and press releases. All of the content mentioned in the magazine would be from local sources as it was aimed at those who have an interest in the news that is local to them.

The funding of the publication came from advertising but the interest in the magazine soon dropped and there were very few investors left. This resulted in the magazine only running for 3 issues.

Over 15 years later 'TaxiTalk' publications were taken over by the LTOA who redesigned the publication in an A4 newspaper which later transformed into a glossy magazine. The quality of each edition of the magazine would be dependent upon the amount invested by advertisers.

TaxiTalk magazine was published monthly and over 17000 copies were issued. As the publication continued to grow at a rapid pace, the people who contributed to the content got more involved. All articles written for the magazine were from taxi or private hire drivers who could give insider knowledge.

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